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Poem from Another Planet
I am writing you this poem
from another planet.
Not this planet,
or that planet,
or any other planet you can think of.

Another planet.

It is no difficult thing to be FIRST to a place.
Just travel back in time to America a week before Columbus came,
then head back a few thousand years to the Tuesday before the Amerindians showed up,
And you're FIRST.

Likewise it is no great chore to be LAST in a place.
One well placed Doomsday device....
And you're LAST.

The tricky bit,
is not being FIRST,
or LAST,
but ONLY.

The only person ever there,
in the whole long stretch of history....

I am writing you this poem
from ANOTHER planet.
No matter where you are.
No matter what planet you are on.

Another planet.

...Wish you were here.

But not enough,
not QUITE enough





-The Mad Poetist


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