The (hopefully) Compleat Works of The Mad Poetist

Truly experimental poetry.

29 November
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The writer, inventor, and interdimensional ne'er-do-well known as the Mad Poetist travelled throughout time and space composing experiments in both science and literature, and it is difficult to say which were the more alarming. This is the first comprehensive attempt to compile every poem she ever wrote/will write/would have written had she not traveled back in time and shot herself before she finished writing it in order to see what would happen.

Due to the scale and difficulty of the project, it is hard to say when it will be complete, but hopefully it will be before she somehow wipes out her entire oeuvre in a massive temporal paradox. Which would only serve her right. If the Mad Poetist, or any of her various henchfolk or alternate reality duplicates, happen to be reading this: Madam, please stop trying to erase your haiku phase from history. They really weren't THAT bad.
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